The voice of Mino Ara Begum

Mino Ara Begum came from B Baria Upazilla before 12 years with one of her neighbours due to poor condition of her family. Coming in Chittagong she taken a job in garments factory and get marriage with her colleague. But her husband used to torture her. After 08 years of marriage she divorces her husband. Mino Ara Begum is working in the Lushy Garments Ltd as a folding man for 03 years, card no. 1501. She received leadership training on Training techniques, Labour law 2006, Leadership development, Mediation and negotiation techniques for conflict management which organized by OWDEB. She has formed 20 PEGs in her factory. As a PEG leader she is keeping rule to solve the work related problems of workers. Last year through the intervention of Mino Ara Begum 13 workers had got their due wages and 01 worker has got her maternity benefits. One of her colleague   name Ms. Anowara Begum was going to be mother but factory authority didn’t not allow her maternity leave because the complainant joined in the factory only 06 months before. Also, she is discharged from factory. Knowing the matter Ms. Mino Ara Begum discussed with OWDEB legal advisor. Than she goes to factory manager with her colleague and were able to understand that according to labour law the complainant must be get maternity benefits. As a result her colleague were enjoyed the benefits. This way, last year she was written an application to the authority to decorate and reactive the child care room for the benefits of mother workers. Although, in this factory had a child care room but that was useless. Responding the worker’s appeal the factory authority decorated and active the room and appointed a caretaker. Mentionable that Ms. Mino Ara Begum was formed a forum named “ RMG Young Female Leader Forum”. She is president of this forum. The forum is working to organize RMG workers at Chittagong from 2009.