Fight for Legal Entitlement of Ms. Noor Nahar

Noor Nahar came from Noakhali thana before 12 years with her husband at Chittagong for work. She has 2 daughters and 01 son. Her husband is a hotel worker. Due to poor income of her husband since 2005 she joined in the garments factory to help her family. This way in the middle of 2009 she joined in the Miraj Garments Ltd in Chittagong as an operator. She lives in Rahaman Shaheb colony with her husband and children. One day she came for training as a PEG member in the women’s café on new labour law 2006. There she had known about rights and responsibility of a worker also legal support of OWDEB organization. Noor Nahar received PEG Leader training from Shaheed Para Women’s café in March 2012. After the training Noor Naher come to know that every RMG worker have the rights to enjoy the minimum wage fixed by the government. But she observed that as an operator she didn’t get minimum wage. Last January she claimed her minimum wage to factory manager by written application. The factory manager burned with fire at the first reaction. The manager thrown her application and shout on her. Noor Nahar became frustrated and came to the women’s café. And share this incidence with the PEG leader supervisor. Then the facilitator advised her. Next day Noor nahar and her PEG group go to the manager at lunch time and again claimed for their minimum wage. At that time manager told them he will consider the matter. Next day Noor Nahar goes to her factory but factory authority dismissed her from the job without showing any cause. She shared this matter with the legal advisor. The legal advisor lent a hand to write and send a grievance letter claiming her due wages & ensuring minimum wage to every workers in the factory by a registry letter. The factory authority denied it. So, another notice is sent again. Than factory authority call her in the factory and request her to join in work. Noor Nahar threw them two conditions – firstly all of her dues have to pay with compensation and secondly, must have to pay minimum wage to factory workers.
After one week, factory manager called legal advisor to a negotiation meeting over a phone call. The negotiation meeting held on 23rd February in the head office of OWDEB. Through negotiation the factory authority paid due wage 3,700/- taka and as compensation 2000/- taka to Noor Naher. Also the factory authority ensured that they will pay minimum wage according to law.