Child Domestic Workers Protection Project (CDWPP)

Supported by: ASK and SCI

The organization is working jointly with Ain o Shalish Kendra (ASK) to create a child domestic workers friendly family and society where children are protected deployed, valued. For their education 20 School and 4 Socialization centers are using for legal & health support also vocational training center are established for them. The organization is campaigning for nonviolence and conducting awareness meeting with community people and employers on CRC for Child Domestic Workers protection in Chittagong.


OWDEB is a non–government development organization. It has been working since 1995 at Chittagong City Corporation, Teknaf , Fatikchari, Banshkhaliu, Anowara and Chandanaish Upazilla of greater Chittagong. OWDEB emerged with its organizational efforts towards institutionalizing gender and women’s human rights in the socio-cultural, political and economical development process, based on increased concern regarding all kinds of   human rights violation procedure and special activities for promotion of CRC for a democratic women and child friendly Bangladesh.

OWDEB is committed to create a just and equitable society where women and men are treated with same respect and free from human poverty.

Towards this, we inform, connect and participate through our activities for:

  • Promoting women’s rights & Securing child’s rights
  • Protecting ethnic & horizon’s rights
  • Bringing about gender equality
  • Awareness raising through socio-cultural intervention

Introduction of Project:
“Child Domestic Workers Protection” project is one of the vital projects of OWDEB, supported by ASK and technical support from SC. From 1st January 2011 the project has been assisting child domestic workers to ensure their fundamental rights and protection through education, vocational training, recreation, awareness make for various level, advocacy, networking, legal supports etc. These activities of the project aimed at giving service directly amongst its stakeholders through –

  1. 03 Socialization center and 20 community based learning center in Chittagong urban and rural areas
  2. Awareness increase on children rights and code of conduct to CDWs, their employers, guardians, parents.
  3. Make awareness for their protection in the local areas including GO, LG, CSO and CBO, Media and Community based stakeholders direct and indirect basis also.

Executive Summary:
Organizing House to house visit at project areas, Child Domestic Workers – CDWs are selected and collected for CLC based non formal education system.

Now all CBLC are established and regular CBLC based education are going on in specific time. But employers sometime makes barrier to   presence CDWs’ at CBLC. Project staffs are working to motivate the employers through regular employers meeting. When a CDW is absent at CLC, teacher communicate with their employers.

In the SC center CDWs are coming for vocational training. In the meantime few groups of CDWs have completed their Vocational training. The organization will take initiative to admit those CDWs in different commercial space of Chittagong.

A cultural team is organized among the CDWS. The team conduct regular performance on child rights based small drama. The CDWs are taking preparation for annual recreational activities. Community Watch Groups (CWG) is helping to motivate employers and safety for the promotion CDW’s rights also.

However, OWDEB with project staffs have rendered efforts to reach the project goal. Besides, the project is tried to collect information on the problem of workers, formulate strategies to mitigate the problems as per need through counseling and networking also.